Story by Silver :)

Rated Normal-might be inappropriate for people who can't handle family problems, or the tormentation of social status

What would you do if no one loved you, and everyone abandoned you in times of need? 

(drama fiction)

Chapter 1Edit

I fell into the grass, taking deep breaths. I felt myself being pulled to my feet, and starting kicking and hitting. The hands dropped me, and I heard footsteps running away. 

I sat up and wiped the blood of my cheek. I won't cry. I told myself, scrambling to my feet. Jack and his buddies would be back soon. I had to get of this block. Grabbing my backpack, I tore of down the street, dodging people. When I reached the door to my house I opened it and ran inside, locking it behind me. 

My dad sat at the table, reading a book with intrest. "Hey sweetheart." he said, glancing up. He noticed my bleeding cheek and stood up, placing the book on the table. "I'll get the antibiotics."

Chapter 2Edit

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