Chronicle by Silver :)

Types of PowersEdit

Senses Manipulation








There are many types of powers. From physical strength to mental swiftness, from elemental powers to deception, there are endless kinds.

Just like powers, there are people. There are the selfish, those who use everything to their own gain. There are the cowardly, who allow themselves to become pawns in a game. There are the strong, who force others to bend under their will. There are the deceptive, the arrogant, the foolish, the impudent, the merciless, and the scornful.

However, there are also the selfless, the brave, the strong who protect, the honest, the humble, the wise, the kind, the merciful, and the virtuous. Every bad penny has a good side, just like every silver lining can turn into a stormcloud. Just remember which side of the coin is showing.


The Power of The Mind

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