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A few simple rules. 


You must rate your stories

Normal: Minor cuss words like d**n, c**p, and s**t. No mention of sexual intercourse. Some blood, not that much gore.

Moderate: Cuss words like b***h, f**k, along with those listed above. Sexual intercourse can be mentioned, but not described. Some blood/gore, but not a ton. Reccommended 13 and up. 

Mature: Extreme cuss words, thoroughly describing sexual intercourse, extreme gore/blood. Reccommended 17 and up. 


You need to label how far along your stories are.


-In progress



  • If pictures are gory or innapropriate for younger people, post warning on top of the page BEFORE ANYONE SEES IT. 
  • Any amount of pictures can be put on a page, but no picture stories. 

Titles and otherEdit

Have the titles appropriate so people seeing don't see a cuss word or content in it. 

Please put your username on the top of the page.

Thank you for following these rules. Have a great time! :)