Story by Hawk!  I made this as a greek myth, so there will be a greek goddess in this story. Hope you

Antheia :D

enjoy! This is rated Normal. Some blood.


  • Antheia- (Ann-thee-a) Greek name, girl, name means "Flower".
  • Aphrodite- (Af-ro-di-ty)Greek goddess of love and beauty.
  • Icis- (I-sis) Friendly bird, drearest friend of Antheia.
  • Suitors- (Sue-tors) A man who encourages a relationship with a woman.

This is the story, Red.Edit

Antheia sat in the middle of her blooming garden. She was a very beautiful girl and everyone, including animals, loved her! Aphrodite watched from above as she grew jelous from all the suitors who brought the young lady gifts always attached with one white rose, for that was the only color they had.

The birds would come and wake her up with the songs of their lovley chirping. One bird was especially close to Antheia and would make a crown of fresh roses everyday as she placed it on Antheia's head. Her name, was Icis.

Aphrodite began to feel a hatred to the young Antheia and she came up with a plan in which she hoped, would crush the beautiful girls heart...

Antheia woke up in a dark and gloomy place. A women stepped out of the shadows and into the faint light.

"Aphrodite!" Antheia cried, "Please get me out of this dreadful place! I want to be in my garden with the white roses and the lovley birds to sing to me!" Antheia longed for the fresh air and the cool breeze against her flawless skin.

"How dare you take all the glory and all the gifts with suitors buzzing around you like flies!" Aphrodite let all her fury, rage, and anger out...

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