This is by Lilly, rated Normal.



I am pureblood, and yes, I'm proud, but I have nothing against those who are not- it makes me an outcast among my house. I'm cunning and crafty, slippery like a snake and a pathological liar when it comes to getting myself out of trouble... but I lack the hatred of muggleborns that truly glues my house together. I'm going to explain every detail of my life at Hogwarts, right until the end, and only then will you truly understand I am an irregular piece of the puzzle. I am Alanna Kirkland, and this is my life.


Dawn light streamed through the gap in the soft black velvet curtains, my pale, pointed face immersed in its pleasantly warm glow. Slowly, I blinked, my fragile eyelids fluttering feebly like the wings of a butterfly. At last, my brilliant brown eyes flashed open, lights dancing in front of my eyes briefly as I stirred and stretched luxuriously in my bed, gently pushing away the cover, then almost immediately longing for its loving warmth.

"Alanna Harmony Kirkland, get up right now!" The sharp, monotone voice floated up the stairs, ringing profoundly in my fragile ears for many moments. A huge, exasperated sigh slipped sneakily from my smiling mouth; that was Mother alright. Cold and impatient.

"I'm getting up!" I shot back loudly, finding my Hogwarts robes hesitantly and changing slowly, moving briskly towards my mirror and combing my blonde hair. Slipping on a pair of sandals, sliding my Olive wand in its sleeve. I'm a born Legilimens, and apparently my wand is the true mark of one.

I sighed heavily, applying a tad bit of makeup - not too much, as I still want to look natural - and placing my sunglasses over my eyes precariously. I grab my bag and shoulder it, climbing the stairs with some degree of resistance, and facing my mother.

"You know what, Alanna?" My mother asked, looking at me over her glasses pointedly.

"Of course I don't." I always have to state the obvious.